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What The Tango?! - Alt Mission (Color Vinyl + Comic)

What The Tango?! - Alt Mission (Color Vinyl + Comic)

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Released in 2013, Alt Mission was an unusual one-off release from Portland Tango Artists Alex Krebs and Andrew Oliver. Along with their band, they created one side of original tango pieces, and for Side B they enlisted a handful of remixers to rework the tracks. They requested a remix from Asher’s Halo Refuser project and it got included in the short run, hand-numbered white vinyl pressing… to date the only appearance of Halo Refuser on wax!
But they didn’t stop there… they also had a sweet comic/zine/manga book made which is included with the package. It tells the story of the making of the album and package in hilarious exaggerated anime style. Amazing.

The duo gifted Asher with a batch of copies of the album which he occasionally made available at his shows. The THREE remaining sets are being made available here at Full Arrow Records… until they’re gone!

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